Monday, June 30, 2008

0708 [P] End of the year Review

End of the year review on Wednesday July 2nd, 10:30am, room 235. Work in progress by Dimitrije Radosavljević.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Dekleva-Gregorič Arhitekti in Belgrade

Tina Gregorič and Aljosa Dekleva will be in town on June 28th to present their recent work at KCB. Talk will start at 19h, introduction by Vasa Perović.

A day before, on June 27th at Javno kupatilo Dunav Art Space, aka Tursko kupitlo (Cara Dušana 45), exhibition compiling the work of seven Slovene Architects will open at 22h. Both events art taking place within the Architecture Week in Belgrade.

With the funny set of circumstances and at the very late stage of the project, I have been named the curator. Here is what I wrote for the exhibition catalogue: The display is based on the exhibition ‘SixPack’, presenting the work of several Slovene architects. The invited group belongs to a younger generation, whose work is parallel to the growth of the national culture and forms the part of the social and economic transformation in their country. Common to all participants is their international education and experience which has played a catalytic role in the formation of the new professional standards. Any lessons learned from such transition could be an invaluable experience to any other society prepared to go down a similar path.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Snow City at London Festival of Architecture

Almost ready, Snow City will open on June 25th at Dana Centre in London, as a part of LFA 2008. The event will include debate on the physical newness of the environment with Nate Kolbe amongst the key speakers.

takes shape from 2mm thick snow white mount board. Laser cutting is done at AA Digital Fabrication Lab and pieces assembled at Superfusionlab office in London. Design team includes Milutin Cerović, Yi Yvonne Wend, InSub Lee and Ji'in Kim.
more about the festival and this project on RIBA web site

Monday, June 16, 2008

0708 [WS] 3-1 or Supernatural

To build an object in supernatural scale, three times bigger then it was originally conceived, is the idea meant to test relationship between the design and the production, between digital and physical, between simulation and real. This was done as a collective effort, lasting several days. The exercise included exploration of available means of production and it included consideration of construction materials within pre decided construction budget. The end result was structurally self sufficient, almost.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Snow City at London Festival of Architecture

Snow City will be the purpose built model for London Festival of Architecture. It consists of 1053 triangular facets arranged over 2x1.5 meter footprint and reaching 0.8meter height, to suggest one of possible response to climate change. More about this project can be found at or