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Sunday, February 15, 2009

0809 Summer Term Agenda

Graduate Programme, modlul M5 Studio, 22 credits Instructors: Djordje Stojanović, Milutin Cerović, Ivana Petruševski
In the coming term we will continue working on Versatilities agenda, yet we will shift the scale to focus toward truly buildable result at the end of the term. Studio will explore architectural means to activate one of the unused industrial warehouses at Port of Belgrade. Research into fabrication methods in conjunction with design techniques will be supported with now available funds for the prototype models at one-to-one scale. We start with the associative design workshop based on the Grasshopper for Rhino 27.02-10.03.

download useful files from here:
ACAD context
JPG Port of Belgrade OrthoPhoto,
ACAD building layout
MAX building model
JPG building interior
JPG building exterior
see useful links: and
listen DS talk about studio agenda on 17-02-09:
AUDIO stduio agenda
download audio file and let your realudio player get 3GP plug-in to listen

0809 [P] MS Accessible Urbanism for Port of Belgrade

The project is about accessibility. The most accessible spots are the intersections of the extended existing lines of communication. A few of all these spots are separated to be the initial stage of the area development. The next step is to connect the initial spots with all the spots around them in the perimeter of 150m, and so the process of development is continued through phases.

Option Explicit
' Subroutine: MS Accesisible Urbanism for Port of Belgrade
' Purpose: distnace analysis within cloud of circles
' Author: Milutin Cerovic,Milica Samardzija 2009
Call Main()
Sub Main()
Dim arrCloud1
Dim arrCloud2
Dim arrCircles1,arrCircles2
Dim dblDmax,dblDmin
Dim L
Dim i

arrCircles1=Rhino.GetObjects ("Select initial circles")
ReDim arrCloud1(UBound(arrCircles1))
arrCircles2=Rhino.GetObjects("Select reference circles")
ReDim arrCloud2(UBound(arrCircles2))
dblDmax = Rhino.GetReal("Enter Max distance")
dblDmin = Rhino.GetReal
("Enter Min distance")

For i=0 To UBound(arrCircles1)
If Rhino.IsCircle(arrCircles1(i)) Then
End If

For i=0 To UBound(arrCircles2)
If Rhino.IsCircle(arrCircles2(i)) Then
End If

For Each obj In arrCloud1
For i=0 To UBound(arrcloud2)
L=Rhino.distance (arrcloud2(i),obj)
If L>dblDmin and L
Rhino.addline arrCloud2(i),obj
End If
End Sub

Thursday, February 12, 2009

0809 [P] MZ Iconic Urbanism for Port of Belgrade

0809 [P] NS Packing Urbanism for Port of Belgrade

0809 [P] MV Channel Urbanism for Port of Belgrade

Channel Urbanism is a way to change the current meaning and understanding of Danube waterfront. One of the main goals was to activate the "lost potential" of the river using channels which would be created in a generic manner so they could offer many solutions ( although only five of them are presented ) . As a compensation to the channel ways that would be excavated , new forms of islands would be added to the northern side of the location creating an unusual and improbable new waterfront ...

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Sunday, February 1, 2009

0809 NK In-between contexts - Old railway bridge occupation

Diploma project - work in progress by Nemanja Kordic