Friday, January 4, 2008


Konkursni rad za Muzej Savremene Umetnosti Vojvodine u Novom Sadu

In-between Liman Park and City Beach
Former industrial area is converted into the green public space. As gently inclined plateau it provides for expansion of the existing park and creates gateway to the City Beach. It works as a stitch between Liman area and the Danube Bank. Museum of Contemporary Art is then conceived as an extension of the pedestrian route connecting large residential area with recreational space along the river. On the way to the City Beach, Liman residents will pass through Museum Park and naturally stroll into the building.

Conception of contemporary art is evolving, attention now shifts from art objects to art processes which actively involve visitors; our interpretation of the contemporary museum building is the infrastructural one, or of space meant to provide for public service. In addition to display area, central place in the internal organization belongs to facilities for research, communication, education, and art production. This way the building will present itself as alive and welcoming organisation rather then administrative institution. Once in the building, visitors are presented with the choice of activities.

Slavko Milanović, Miloš Gribić, Jelena Vučic, Miljan Čizmović, Damjan Jovanović i Djordje Stojanović.....................................

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